Problem 1: Lack of Interoperability

Healthcare Data is fragmented, held in data silos created by proprietary legacy systems with little to no interoperability. These siloed, proprietary Electronic Health Records (EHR) systems leave patients, healthcare users of all types, and third parties looking to purchase this data for research & development with incomplete and inconsistent information that isn’t always readily accessible. This broken and fragmented system for keeping EHRs is costly, inefficient, and leads to increased risk of injury and death by patients under medical care and supervision.

Problem 2: Security & Fraud

Due to the high value medical records yield on the black market, and lack of consistent and quality security protocols with EHR systems when compared to the banking and financial sector, security breaches and health and prescription insurance fraud is a major problem. These healthcare IT breaches cost the industry over $6B a year, and Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Michigan “conservatively estimate” that healthcare fraud costs accumulate to $68B a year in the US, or 3% of total costs.

Health Data

The Market

The healthcare data market currently consists of numerous parties looking to purchase health data such as: pharmaceutical companies, clinical and other third party researchers, and software developers to name a few.

Furthermore, with data being the biggest asset class in the world, and with the growing robustness of fitness and wellness data from smart devices and wearables, the market is expected to grow in size in unforeseen ways.

Currently, it is already seeing unprecedented growth, and is expected to grow from over $50B to over $100B by 2021, with individual market segments seeing CAGR as high as 18-20%.

Business Model

The Solution

A decentralized network, using blockchain technology to give healthcare users access to their records anywhere in the world, in a readily accessible fashion, and in a “single living record” format that grows more and more robust with each entry.

Health Data Marketplace

By giving healthcare users everywhere full rights to their own records, they now also control how, and if, they want to monetize them. By acting as the broker connecting users with the third parties that want to purchase their data, we earn a commission on every transaction that takes place via our Health Data Marketplace.

Practitioner Network

To solve the massive interoperability problem, we welcome practitioners of all types from surgeons, to MDs and general practitioners, to functional, integrative, and natural health specialists to our Practitioner Network where they can be matched to users all over the world via our Telemedicine App.

The Technology

The Blockchain

We’ve built a custom hybrid blockchain based on the Litecoin and DASH Network protocols that uses a Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) wallet. This custom blockchain was built to be highly energy efficient as the entire network can run on a few laptops, and highly productive, ensuring tremendous speed in transactions.

The Token

The Natural Health Network Token (NHN) is the fuel that drives the entire network and ensures it runs efficiently.

Users need NHN to pay practitioners in the Practitioner Network, and third parties seeking to purchase user data need NHN to pay individual users for said data in the Health Data Marketplace. We receive a portion of the NHN used to pay for all transactions both on the Practitioner Network and the Health Data Marketplace. Only 100mm tokens were minted to create greater scarcity as the network grows, thus creating a true “network effect”.


Network Features

The NHN Team consists of members passionate about the Natural Health Industry.

Practitioner Network
Instant Private Consultations

Our state of the art Practitioner networking platform offers a solution for Practitioner to join our network both online and offline in the form of proficient consultations.

Distribution Network
Easy Access to Products

Our distribution network will consist of interconnected facilities, outlets and transportation systems that will receive and trade goods within the network.

Consumer Network
Online Community

Our consumer network will work in the form as an online forum where consumers can discuss certain topics or assist each other in the form of information exchange.


Introducing the Our Exchange

Blockchain-powered marketplace


  • Cryptocurrency & Digital Assets Exchange
  • Multiple Cryptocurrency Trading Pairs
  • Low transaction and trading fees
  • Participate in Initial Coin Offerings
NHN Coin

Currently in Private Presale

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  • Coin Symbol NHN
  • Coin Name Natural Health Network
  • Address Letter 8
  • Algorithm Scrypt Hybrid
  • Coin Type DPoS
  • Sale duration Currently in Private Presale
  • Supply 100 Million
Meet The Team


The NHN Team is made up of individuals with analytical rigor driven to focus on enhancing the value of the enterprise.

Jeane-Pierre Meek

Founder and Managing Director of Meek Biotics Pty (Ltd), the only artisanal probiotic manufacturing & distribution company in the world.

Wayne Bruyns

Wayne has vast business experience in a variety of sectors including ownership, investment, development, industrial security and telecommunications.

Marco Engelbrecht

Marco holds a Bachelors degree in Accounting Science and Business Management from the University of SA and is actively involved in the cryptocurrency sector.

Clinton Ellis

Clinton has founded, and developed the Bitify South Africa exchange and has been technically involved in numerous blockchain based companies.


Lourens Janse van Rensburg

Lourens received his BA. Hons. At Unisa for Clinical Psychology & Anthropology. He runs a number of successful businesses including Caladrius Consulting.

Fran S Fainman

Fran is a certified holistic health coach & successful business owner in the wellness sector. Her studies includes Holistic Health Coaching, National Diploma in Horticulture and a B Com in Occupational Psychology.

Gawie Badenhorst

Gawie is an experienced Software Engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology sector. He holds a BSc focused in Computer Science from University of the Witwatersrand.

Sheldon Mandy

Sheldon is an experienced Director with a history of working in the health wellness industry. Skilled in Negotiation, Coaching, Strategic Planning, Business Development and Advanced Marketing.

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